Want To Get Pregnant Fast? Know Your Days.

There are only six days during any cycle when you can get pregnant - the five days leading up to ovulation and the 24 hours after ovulation. This is because sperm can live for up to 5 days in the female reproductive tract, and the ovum lives for 12-24 hours.


However, the key to knowing when to get pregnant is to know when you ovulate. Figuring out the exact timing of ovulation can be tricky, because it does not happen at exactly the same time each cycle.


How Can CycleBeads Help You Know When You Can Get Pregnant?

CycleBeads lets you know when you can get pregnant by identifying 12 potentially fertile days each cycle – Days 8 through 19, where cycle day 1 is the first day of your period. These 12 days take into account the six days when pregnancy is possible as well as the variability in the timing of ovulation from one cycle to the next. Surveys of people using CycleBeads to get pregnant show that they were highly successful, with more than 80% getting pregnant within six months with the large majority achieving pregnancy within the first three months of trying to conceive.


How to Plan Pregnancy with CycleBeads?

To use CycleBeads to get pregnant, a couple should have frequent intercourse, 2-3 times per week, especially during the potentially fertile days cycle days 8 through 19.  


If not pregnant after six months of using this method as directed, you should talk to your doctor to make sure that there are no health problems that are keeping you from achieving pregnancy.

Are There Ways I Can Determine "More Exactly" What Days I Can Get Pregnant? 

It is possible to estimate the timing of ovulation and determine the potentially fertile days around it.  This requires training and daily tracking of information such as cervical secretions and basal body.  Some people may also choose to use ovulation prediction kits, which can be expensive and indicate a very narrow window of opportunity.  This means that if using an ovulation prediction kit solely to identify fertile days, you may miss a number of potentially fertile days.


For people with regular cycles that are 26 to 32 days in length, it is much easier to simply know that you can get pregnant as early as day 8 of your cycle and as late as day 19 of your cycle and on all the days in between. If you have intercourse often during this time, you have a very high probability of getting pregnant. 

I'm so happy to have this app, it works well and it has really helped me plan pregnancy.

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