Resources for Retailers & Providers

Healthcare Professionals

We work with a range of healthcare programs throughout the world providing them with educational materials, counseling guidance, and information about how to obtain CycleBeads for their clients. Contact us at or 1-877-CYCLE99 (1-877-292-5399) to find out more about discounted bulk pricing information and available educational materials.

In addition, CycleBeads are available at a special discount for organizations non-profit organizations and those supported by USAID. For further information, contact us at

Counseling & Educational Materials

Through our partnership with the Institute for Reproductive Health, we also have available numerous informational materials on service delivery and training.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at

Retailers and Pharmacies

CycleBeads are offered by a number of retailers and pharmacies. We provide in-store educational materials such as posters, brochures, display units, and videos.

CycleBeads can be purchased directly from Cycle Technologies or from any of the following national distributors: Lotus Light Enterprises, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, and Threshold Enterprises.

Contact us at or 1-877-CYCLE99 (1-877-292-5399) for more information on making CycleBeads available in your store.

The Standard Days Method and CycleBeads are valuable for other types of counseling beyond family planning:

  • helping a woman understand and keep track of her menstrual cycle
  • helping couples practice behaviors that have a positive effect on their reproductive health
  • encouraging communication and self-advocacy with a partner and a healthcare provider
  • helping young people understand their changing bodies and protect their own reproductive health