Which Birth Control Method Will Work for You?

Check out the "Which Birth Control Method Will Work for You" webinar next Thursday, March 19th from 1-2pm est. Family planning experts will discuss the full range of birth control options from the IUD to fertility awareness and the different factors which can affect how well your birth control method is likely to work for you. 

Did you miss the webinar on Fertility Awareness Based Methods?

Which FAMs are evidence based? Why are FAMs becoming so popular? How do women learn about fertility awareness methods? If you missed the recent CT EduSeries webinar, you can watch the recorded presentation below. 

Past recorded CT EduSeries webinars are posted on our Cycle Technologies YouTube channel and also on Cycle Technologies website

Hurray for Fertility and Birth Control Apps! Are Critics Making Uninformed Assertions About Their Effectiveness?

by Ann Mullen, Director of Health Education at Cycle Technologies 

With all the media attention lately on family planning apps, it's no wonder we are all trying to get our hands on them.  Everyone wants to have a piece of the next revolutionary idea, and being able to manage fertility through a smartphone app could be the future of family planning and contraception. It is grassroots. It is by popular demand. It puts women in control. It’s high tech.  Data show that women are seeking them out and evidence shows that these methods can be highly effective.  

The reality is that evidence-based fertility awareness methods are effective and backed by years of research and testing. Efficacy trials show that the effectiveness range is 95 - 99% for these methods in perfect use and 80-88% in typical use – on par or better than other user-directed contraceptive options.

Editor’s note: Check out the webinar to learn more about scientifically tested and researched fertility awareness methods.


Interestingly, while more and more women are using fertility awareness methods, and apps are making these methods easier and more accessible, many in the medical community are now promoting IUD’s and implants (also known as long acting reversible contraception or LARC’s) as the first recommendation over all other forms of family planning. 


Does anyone else think that a woman's wishes and interests may not be well served when she is being pushed toward one form of birth control?


Fortunately, the medical community is beginning to take a first, second and third look at the new, improved birth control apps. Most importantly, women are finding family planning options that work for them.


As more women request information, as more women share that information among their friends, and as more women look for viable birth control options, there is a responsibility to provide them with a full-range of contraceptive choices.

Birth Control Effectiveness: What Determines Success?

When evaluating a contraceptive method, the first question you will likely ask is "How effective is it?" It is a critical question, because after all, if you are sexually active and wish to prevent pregnancy, you need a reliable birth control method.  

But you may be surprised to know that when different methods are described as "highly effective," "moderately effective" or just plain "effective," this only gives you part of the story. There are other factors to take into consideration that will determine how successful a method is for you. 

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

GBCHealth Honors Cycle Technologies for Its Commitment to Preventing Unplanned Pregnancies

GBCHealth recognized Cycle Technologies as a top finalist in its 2014 Business Action on Health Awards. The company's Solutions for Unmet Need in Family Planning (SUN-FP) program was commended for its impact on global health. Cycle Technologies was honored along with Accenture and Unilever in the Partnership category. Read the full press release here.

Cycle Technologies founder Leslie Heyer receives the award from Global Health Council and Global Business Council Leaders.

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Global Health Council Event & Award

We are excited to attend the Global Health Leadership Symposium and Awards Ceremony in Washington DC, on December 10, 2014.

As part of the event, Cycle Technologies and other private sector companies will be recognized for our innovative approaches and impact on global health. Cycle Technologies is a finalist in the Global Business Partnership category for our work with the Institute for Reproductive Health under the Solutions for Unmet Need in Family Planning (SUN-FP) program. The SUN-FP program has given millions of women access to simple, effective fertility awareness-based family planning options. 

Cycle Technologies' founder, Leslie Heyer will also be speaking as part of a panel on Strengthening Community Investment through Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships.

Fingers crossed for the award! Register for the event here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Watch the Webinar: How Sleep Affects Your Menstrual Cycle

In the latest CT EduSeries webinar, Dr. Mary Lee Barron shared her research and findings on how sleep affects a woman's menstrual cycle.  Dr. Barron's research shows that:

  • melatonin has a direct affect on the ovaries and follicular development
  • light exposure during sleep affects menstrual cycle length
  • consistent, health sleep is critical to optimal fertility

Listen to the recorded webinar here to find out more about these facts and how to get a good night's sleep!


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CycleBeads Android App Tested for Developing World

Abigael Wangui of iHub Research in Kenya demonstrates CycleBeads digital tools.

The CycleBeads Android app is undergoing testing by researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health for use in Kenya and other developing countries.

As the use of mobile phones increases, there is a great opportunity to reach people with this effective family planning option. But it's not as easy as just making the app available and expecting women to download it.

Ongoing testing is helping us refine the CycleBeads app and figure out how to make it more useful to women everywhere. For more information on this project, check out our recent press release: Innovative Family Planning Option Tested in Developing World.


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