Are You Using CycleBeads to PLAN or PREVENT Pregnancy?

We want to hear from CycleBeads users!  Are you using CycleBeads (or iCycleBeads) to PLAN or PREVENT pregnancy? Please take our one-question survey.

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Natural Family Planning Method Used by Millions of Women Worldwide

More than 2.5 million women from around the world have used CycleBeads to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally.

As CycleBeads' 10 year anniversary is fast approaching next month, we wanted to take a second and reflect on what we've accomplished...

One major accomplishment, more than 2.5 million women have used CycleBeads since our launch in late 2002! Why is this important? Read this recent article on the challenges of making natural birth control options widely available and how CycleBeads has been able to overcome many of these obstacles.

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New CycleBeads Toolkit - A Resource for Health Providers Integrating This Natural Family Planning Option

An Integration Guide Gives Providers a Step by Step Process to Ensure Success in Offering This Natural Family Planning Option

Attention! Health Care Providers and Health Educators:

A toolkit for integrating the Standard Days Method® and CycleBeads® into U.S. health clinics and programs has been created by our research partner, the Institute for Reproductive Health.  It is a free online resource that includes an Integration Guide, a training course, training materials, instructional videos and more. 

While CycleBeads and iCycleBeads™ are an easy and effective way to use natural family planning, and can be purchased without a prescription, it is important and helpful for health care professionals to have a plan and guidance when introducing it to a clinic or program.  The toolkit gives tips on how to create a positive atmosphere for offering the method, how to train staff to screen and counsel clients, how to procure materials, and suggests other creative ways to use CycleBeads in a practice and in outreach.

The toolkit is available at:

Feel free to download materials to use in your practice and for training your staff. Contact us with any questions at


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CycleBeads Now Available Through Maternova to Health Workers in Low-Resource Settings

CycleBeads an Innovative Natural Birth Control Tool is Now Available at Maternova

CycleBeads®, a natural birth control tool, is now available through Maternova, a one-stop shop for products that help save the lives of mothers and newborns. CycleBeads enables a woman to plan or prevent pregnancy by tracking her cycles and identifying her potentially fertile days. It is based on the Standard Days Method®, a highly effective natural family planning method.

Says Maternova Vice President, Allyson Cote, “As the first global Maternal Health marketplace and cutting-edge online community, Maternova is delighted to include CycleBeads in our robust portfolio of leading innovations. Maternova is dedicated to improving the lives of mothers and newborns, along with improving patient outcomes in low-resource settings. CycleBeads is a true innovation that provides a highly effective method of natural family planning.”

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CycleBeads is a Modern Family Planning Method

CycleBeads: Modern Family Planning
A recent report from our colleagues at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, explores the characteristics of a "modern family planning method" and how CycleBeads®  and the Standard Days Method® of family planning on which it is based, meet the criteria. To be called a "modern family planning method", a method must have the following characteristics: 
  1. It is based on sound understanding of reproductive biology,
  2. It follows a precise protocol for correct use, and
  3. It has been tested in an appropriately designed study to assess efficacy under various conditions.

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How are iCycleBeads Family Planning Apps Different From Other Fertility Apps?

iCycleBeads Online and iCycleBeads Smartphone Apps Differ from Other Fertility Apps - They Can Be Used to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy by Just Tracking Your Period

It seems there are a million fertility apps out there. Want to get a daily reminder to take your birth control pill? Want to get pregnant? Want to have a girl? Want to know what your baby will look like at week 8?  Want to know if your period is likely to come this weekend?

There's an app for that.

So how are iCycleBeads™ family planning apps different from other so-called "fertility apps"?

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Where in the World Are CycleBeads?

CycleBeads are used by women worldwide to plan or prevent pregnancy.

CycleBeads are available from Benin to Belgium, from East Timor to Ecuador, and from Uganda to the United States. Women in over 50 countries use this natural family planning option to plan or prevent pregnancy. 

How do they get them? CycleBeads are available throughout much of the world through healthcare providers, educators, retailers, NGO’s, Ministries of Health and of course... online

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Describing CycleBeads ... Non-Hormonal, Prevent Pregnancy, Natural

Words Used by Users to Describe CycleBeads

Thanks to all who participated in our survey! We got great feedback and found a few new words used to describe CycleBeads. Interestingly, the words most commonly used to describe this family planning method are "non-hormonal", "prevent pregnancy" and "natural". Of course there are a lot of other terms too -  "cool", "fun", and "girl power" being among our favorites! We've tried to capture most of the feedback in this picture and for the next week, we'll use it as our Facebook banner too!  

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How Do You Describe CycleBeads?

Words We Use When Describing CycleBeads

We've been thinking a lot about the words we use most often when talking about this family planning option - effective natural family planning, birth control, plan pregnancy, prevent pregnancy naturally, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes we realize we're talking to ourselves. We'd like to hear from you! Tell us what words you use most often when describing CycleBeads in the short survey below. We'll turn your words into works of art!

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The Benefits of Intimacy - 5 Reasons Sex is Good For You

Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the warnings and potential risks that we forget that sex can be fun and healthy! Sexual activity has a number of health benefits that may surprise you. Check out the top 5 health benefits of having sex and why getting intimate once or twice a week may keep you from getting a cold!

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