CycleBeads are used by women worldwide to plan or prevent pregnancy.

CycleBeads are available from Benin to Belgium, from East Timor to Ecuador, and from Uganda to the United States. Women in over 50 countries use this natural family planning option to plan or prevent pregnancy. 

How do they get them? CycleBeads are available throughout much of the world through healthcare providers, educators, retailers, NGO’s, Ministries of Health and of course... online

Why is this important? It is difficult for natural birth control options to become widely accepted and available despite the fact that women all over the world have said that they are interested in using them. There are a number of barriers that can make offering natural family planning options difficult - bias from health officials, difficulty of teaching and ensuring correct use, costs, etc. CycleBeads addresses many of these issues by being readily accessible, low cost, easy to use, easy to teach, and integrated into many national and international healthcare guidelines. It’s an important addition to the range of family planning options available in that it allows an effective natural family planning option to be readily offered.

This map highlights countries where CycleBeads (the actual physical tool) are used.

CycleBeads - Natural family planning is used to plan or prevent pregnancy by women in many countries

For a list of many of the international organizations offering CycleBeads click here. For a list of retailers and healthcare providers in the U.S. offering CycleBeads, click here. Cycle Technologies can ship individual sets of CycleBeads to many countries (see our list at checkout) and can ship in bulk to any country in the world! Of course, anyone with internet access can use this family planning method as well with the new iCycleBeads Online.

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Johanna Ro says:

what about the apps?

Cycle Technologies says:

Good question Johanna Ro. The iCycleBeads apps have been used in even more countries than what is outlined on the above map. Apps are readily accessible so would venture to say that someone from just about every single country where internet access, iPhones or Android devices are regularly used, has used iCycleBeads apps. This includes countries like Japan, Brazil, all countries throughout Europe, etc.

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