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The original version of CycleBeads® is a color-coded string of beads.  It looks like a necklace, but it's actually an ingenious tool that helps you track your cycle and know if you're on a day when you can get pregnant or not. An o-ring helps you track which day you are on, and the colors of the beads lets you know whether it's a day when pregnancy is possible or not. And the white beads which represent your fertile days, glow in the dark - so there's no excuse for not knowing!

Like all of the CycleBeads® tools, CycleBeads is proven to be more than 95% effective at preventing pregnancy with correct use, 88% effective with typical use.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of CycleBeads is donated to programs helping to expand family planning options in developing countries. 

CycleBeads® are also available for bulk purchase! Find out more.