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Cycle Technologies Hosts "Men's Fertility Health" - CT's EduSeries Webinar

Cycle Technologies EduSeries Webinar Recap "Men's Fertility Health" hosted by Ann Mullen, Director of Health Education, Cycle Tech

Learn about the TwoDay Method! A Fertility Awareness-based Family Planning Method

Cycle Technologies has added a TwoDay Method presentation to its EduSeries videos.  Learn about this very effective, simple natural family planning method in a 20-minute recorded presentation. In this episode, Ann Mullen, Director of Health Education, interviews Je

Why Do Women Choose CycleBeads to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy?

Why do women choose to use this fertility awareness-based method?   No Side Effects - The #1 reason women tell us that they've chosen to use t

Check Out Our New "How to Use the iCycleBeads App" Video

Check out our new video which shows how to use the CycleBeads® smartphone app to prevent pregnancy, plan a pregnancy, or just to track your period. The app is extremely easy to use so the video only takes 2 minutes. CycleBeads is available on Apple and Android.   For more detailed ...

New Video - How CycleBeads Works

All CycleBeads tools use a visual representation of a woman's cycle to help her keep track of her cycle days, identify which days of her cycle pregnancy is possible, and monitor her cycle length. This new video "How CycleBeads Works" is a great introduction for anyone who wants to ...

A Short Montage Video - It Works for Me!

  We love this video too! It was put together from some of the footage in the documentary-style video with women describing their experiences using CycleBeads. We plan to use this as a teaser to get people to find out more about this family planning tool!  

New Video - Why Isn't Everyone Doing This?

Check out this new documentary-style video in which women talk about their experiences using CycleBeads to plan pregnancies, prevent pregnancies and simply track their cycles. These women are poweful and their stories are too. 

CycleBeads Celebration Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it to the CycleBeads Celebration. We were thrilled so many people could join us to celebrate the more than 3 million women around the world who have used this family planning method. The evening was also a celebration of the many people and organizations who have made ...

Behind the Scenes of the CycleBeads Video Shoot!

Thank you to everyone who participated this past weekend in the production of our documentary-style video. Check out some of the behind the scenes photos! An amazing group of women shared their stories.

New Video - Family Planning & CycleBeads Impact in Rwanda

Ten years ago, only 7% of women in Rwanda were using a family planning method and women were giving birth to an average of six children during their lifetimes. The introduction of the Standard Days Method® 

Watch the Plan or Prevent Pregnancy Webinar

If you missed the webinar on How to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy Naturally, you can see the recorded video below. The presentation reviews different fertility awareness-based family planning methods and looks in depth at the Standard Days Method, how it was developed, how it works, who can use it, ...

3 Ways to Use CycleBeads- New Video!

Our latest video highlights that there are three distinct tools for using the Standard Days Method - CycleBeads Online, iCycleBeads smartphone apps, and of course...CycleBeads. Check it out!

A Quick Start Video for CycleBeads Online

Check out our new video which shows you how easy it is to get started using CycleBeads Online.

How to Use CycleBeads Online Video

Interested in learning about ALL the features on CycleBeads Online? Check out this new video!

Interesting Video - "A Healthy Investment: Linking Family Planning and Microfinance"

Great work is highlighted in the video "A Healthy Investment: Linking Family Planning and Microfinance" which looks at how a collaborative project in India is working to improve women's access to f

New CycleBeads Toolkit - A Resource for Health Providers Integrating This Natural Family Planning Option

Attention! Health Care Providers and Health Educators: A toolkit for integrating the Standard Days Method® and CycleBeads® into U.S. health clinics and programs has been created by our research partner, the Institute for Reproductive Health.  It is a free online resource that ...

Resources for Retailers & Providers

Healthcare Professionals We work with a range of healthcare programs throughout the world providing them with educational materials, counseling guidance, and information about how to obtain CycleBeads for their clients. Contact us at or 1-877-CYCLE99 (1-877-292-5399) ...


        CycleBeads® – The Original Family Planning Tool  A hands-on visual tool used by millions of women worldwide, CycleBeads is the original way to identify your fertile days using the Standard Days Method® of family planning. CycleBeads is a color-coded string of beads representing a woman's menstrual cycle. It helps a woman track her ...

Why Do We Need to Invest in Girls?

Investing in girls has a profound effect on societies. Educating girls and helping them delay marriage and pregnancy until they are ready, results in fewer and healthier babies, a higher quality of life for themselves and their families, and significantly impacts future generations. A program ...