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New Webinar on CycleBeads Digital Tools

Check out the short CycleBeads Digital Tools webinar recorded last week as part of the Cycle Technologies EduSeries. The webinar reviews CycleBeads smartphone apps and online service. It also shows health providers how to obtain a Provider Access account for CycleBeads Online and enroll ...

Which CycleBeads Tool Would You Like to Use?

The CycleBeads products are the only tools for using the Standard Days Method of family planning. They are all:  - proven effective  - easy to use  - inexpensive  Which one would you most prefer to use? Take our quick survey!  Post a comment ...

Describing CycleBeads ... Non-Hormonal, Prevent Pregnancy, Natural

Thanks to all who participated in our survey! We got great feedback and found a few new words used to describe CycleBeads. Interestingly, the words most commonly used to describe this family planning method are "non-hormonal", "prevent pregnancy" and "natural". Of ...

Why is Social Media Important to Us?

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and  Blogs is important to CycleBeads because it allows for a worldwide connection. Our community spans the globe, from California to the Congo and from Indiana to India. Being in touch directly with our c