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Which CycleBeads Tool Would You Like to Use?

The CycleBeads products are the only tools for using the Standard Days Method of family planning. They are all:  - proven effective  - easy to use  - inexpensive  Which one would you most prefer to use? Take our quick survey!  Post a comment ...

Describing CycleBeads ... Non-Hormonal, Prevent Pregnancy, Natural

Thanks to all who participated in our survey! We got great feedback and found a few new words used to describe CycleBeads. Interestingly, the words most commonly used to describe this family planning method are "non-hormonal", "prevent pregnancy" and "natural". Of ...

Why is Social Media Important to Us?

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and  Blogs is important to CycleBeads because it allows for a worldwide connection. Our community spans the globe, from California to the Congo and from Indiana to India. Being in touch directly with our c