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Why Do Women Choose CycleBeads to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy?

Why do women choose to use this fertility awareness-based method?   No Side Effects - The #1 reason women tell us that they've chosen to use t

USAID Reports CycleBeads Impact in the Democratic Republic of Congo

More than 26% of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo are not using a modern family planning method even though they want to avoid pregnancy. In a recent article, a program manager from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) described his experience in the ...

Recent Research Demonstrates Benefits & Challenges of Offering the Standard Days Method of Family Planning in Health Programs

Two recent studies conducted by researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University looked at integrating the Standard Days Method® using CycleBeads® into health programs. Results showed that offering this fertility awareness-based family planning method brought ...

Describing CycleBeads ... Non-Hormonal, Prevent Pregnancy, Natural

Thanks to all who participated in our survey! We got great feedback and found a few new words used to describe CycleBeads. Interestingly, the words most commonly used to describe this family planning method are "non-hormonal", "prevent pregnancy" and "natural". Of ...

Can I use this family planning method if I just stopped using a non-hormonal IUD?

Yes. A non-hormonal IUD has no effect on ovulation or cycle length. If your cycles were between 26 and 32 days long before you began using the IUD (in other words they were generally about a month apart), then you can begin using the Standard Days Method as soon as you get your next period.