Women everywhere want contraceptive options that meet their individual needs. Women in India, a nation poised to be the most populous country in the world in the next few years, are no exception. According to national health surveys, 20.5% of Indian women have an unmet need for contraception.

Of those women who have used a contraceptive method, female sterilization is the most common method used with 35.8% of women having used it followed by the "rhythm method" (15.9%), male condoms (13.2%), and withdrawal (9.3%). Clearly women in India need a more comprehensive range of family planning options. But it's not just about offering more options, it's about really understanding their needs and what they want. 

The reasons that women in India cite for not using contraception include: changing their reproductive goals, side effects, access, cost, partner willingness, and infrequent intercourse. Giving these women effective family planning options that meet their needs is critical. 

Since women in India are extremely concerned about their fertility and want to be able to switch their reproductive goals readily, contraceptive options that allow them to do this are key. Additionally, women in India are concerned about side effects - both immediate side effects and potential long term side effects. While some of this may be about education and management, it's important that we respect this concern and give women options that are free of side effects. 

Offering women a family planning option that is proven effective, can be used to both plan and prevent pregnancy, does't cause side effects, is free, and accessible all gets accomplished with the CycleBeads Android app.  CycleBeads is making a difference in the lives of thousands of women in India and is now available in Hindi in Google Play to better meet their needs.

Take a look at the positive global impact CycleBeads has on women, families and communities. See our CycleBeads case study and Stories of Significant Change to learn more.

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