We love CycleBeads, but for women who prefer an individualized approach to identifying their fertile days, Cycle Technologies has launched the 2Day family planning app, the first and only iPhone app based on the TwoDay Method® of family planning.

This patent pending app is designed to help a woman track the only information that is really critical to knowing if she is on a day when pregnancy is possible or not:

1) Did I observe secretions today?

2) Did I observe secretions yesterday?

If the answer to either of these questions is "YES", then a woman should consider herself fertile. It's that simple.

Learn more at: twodaymethod.com

Available on the App Store

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2 comments for "2Day - A New Family Planning App From the Makers of CycleBeads"

Theresa says:

great to see an option for women whose cycles aren't in the 26-33 day range. mine have been a little shorter.

Joan Tendler says:

Cycle beads sound like a great alternative to the hormones so many younger women take. They were never taught the many problems of hormonal BC, like all of them raise cortisol, which damages the digestive system and causes sensitivity to many foods. People with gluten intolerance also have raised cortisol, and 3 times more women than men are intolerant to gluten, so I wonder if there's a direct link to birth control hormones.