Ann Mullen, Cycle Technologies' Director of Health Provider Services, hosts webinar on fertility awareness-based family methods.

In case you missed it, last week we had a fantastic webinar looking at how health providers can include fertility awareness-based family planning options into the range of options for their clients. We were thrilled to have Dr. Victoria Jennings, director of the Institute for Reproductive Health, and Dr. Marguerite Duane, family physician and adjunct assistant professor at Georgetown University, presenting on the topic. Ann Mullen, Cycle Technologies' Director of Health Provider Services, hosted the presentation as these experts discussed the latest developments in fertility awareness-based family planning methods, a.k.a. "natural family planning methods". The presenters explored what works, what doesn't, and how a general healthcare practice can offer natural methods to their patients.

Main takeaways from the webinar included:

If you missed this webinar, we plan to repeat it in the future as part of our EduSeries. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, don't miss our next webinar on July 23 - "Fertility Literacy - How Fertility Health and Overall Health Go Hand in Hand" a presentation with Dr. Mary Lee Barron, professor emeritus from St. Louis University.

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Julie Parker says:

That was a really informative seminar. Thanks for offering it. I'd like to tell my colleagues about the next one. So please send me an email when you know the date.