Good news! There are more effective birthcontrol options for women today than ever before. And while natural family planning options have been around for decades, they have been improved with newer research and advances in technology. The medical community has taken notice and is offering fertility awareness-based methods to their patients much more often.

But not all natural family planning methods are the same. The following infographic provides a snapshot of the scientifically-proven natural methods available to women and how they work. We want you to make an informed choice when deciding what method or methods are right for you so let us know if you have any questions.

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2 comments for "Not All Natural Family Planning Methods are the Same"

Jane Godfrey says:

Do you have any data on how many mainstream medical practices offer natural family planning to their patients?

CycleBeads says:

Hi Jane, We know from our own work that public health clinics and private providers all over the U.S. are offering the Standard Days Method to their patients. Thousands of health providers have counseled their patients with this method using CycleBeads.

May clinics (though definitely not all) also have a staff member that is trained to counsel on symptoms-based methods as well while others will refer patients to a specialist if they want to use one of these more complex natural methods.

This is vastly different than what we saw when we started working in this space over a decade ago. At that time, mainstream health providers knew nothing about natural family planning and only a few were willing to refer a patient out to a specialist.