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Join us for a line-up of fertility experts this summer! Whether you are a healthcare provider or just interested in learning a little more about your fertility,  we have an event for you! .....

For Healthcare Professionals

Learn about the scientifically based Fertility Awareness-based Methods available and how to offer them as part of a full range of contraceptive options to your patients. Presenters will include, Dr. Victoria Jennings, Director of the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, and Dr. Marguerite Duane, Executive Team Leader of Fertility Appreciation Collaborative for Teaching the Systems (FACTS). Register now!


  • August 4, 6 pm ET , Orlando, FL.  PRESENTION AND DEMONSTRATION -  "CycleBeads: Family Planning in the Digital Way".

If you are attending the Reproductive Health Conference in Orlando, Florida, visit us at the Product Theater on Monday, August 4, for a half hour presentation and demonstration on CycleBeads digital tools and how they can be used to help your patients plan or prevent pregnancy, All atendees will receive a free CycleBeads Online subscription and Provider Access pass which allows health providers to give patients a free trial.  Get details!

For Everyone Interested in Fertility Facts and Preconception Health

Learn fascinating facts about how fertility health reflects overall health and the consequences for both men and women.  Does diet affect sperm count? Can an extra 10 lbs make it harder to get pregnant?  How does your laptop affect your fertility? Dr. Mary Lee Barron, Family Nurse Practioner from St. Louis University, will discuss all this and more in a half-hour interactive webinar in which she will also be taking your questions live. Register now!

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