Educational Series Starts May 6th, 2014

Cycle Technologies is introducing a new educational series for health providers. This series is intended to help health professionals offer a full range of contraceptive options that include effective fertility awareness-based methods. Specifically, these educational sessions will focus on simple natural birth control methods such as CycleBeads, which can be offered by health providers in a regular professional setting.

The series includes webinars with health experts, customized virtual trainings for health clinics, on-site trainings in the DC metro area, and live trainings at the Cycle Technologies offices in Washington, DC.

The series will cover a full range of topics related to natural family planning methods, but during the series, Cycle Technologies will review:

  • How simple, natural family planning methods address the top reasons women cite for not using birth control;
  • Why an increasing number of women are using fertility awareness-based methods, and how health providers can help support them in their contraceptive choices;
  • How new technologies are making these methods even easier to use;
  • How the CycleBeads app is more than a "period tracker app" - it's a complete family planning solution

Check back for the full series calendar. The next webinar will take place on Tuesday, May 6 at 2pm ET.

Click here to register for the training:  CycleBeads Introductory Training for Healthcare Providers  – May 2014.

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