On Minnesota Public Radio recently, experts from the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University, and the Guttmacher Institute discussed the state of birth control in the U.S. IRH did a great job of outlining their top 5 takeaways from the discussion on their blog

The takeaways include...

1) In general women know very little about their bodies, and about their fertility in particular.

2) Women are concerned about side effects and hormones.

3) Women want their partners to share in the responsibility of contraception.

4) Women want to choose their birth control methods without feeling pressured or limited by their health providers.

5) There are numerous apps now available to help a woman manage her fertility and understand how her body works. 

On this last note, we were thrilled that during the radio program a clear distinction was made between the hundreds of "period trackers" on the market, and the CycleBeads® apps which are the only apps that enable a woman to plan or prevent pregnancy just by tracking her period.

Listen to the original discussion on Minnesota Public Radio here.

Read the Institute's full blog post here.

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