Ten years ago, only 7% of women in Rwanda were using a family planning method and women were giving birth to an average of six children during their lifetimes. The introduction of the Standard Days Method® using CycleBeads® has had a huge impact. 

The video below features interviews with health workers as well as with users. It looks at the the impact that this family planning tool is having on the lives of women and couples in Rwanda. 



Thank you to the Institute for Reproductive Health, FAM Project, Rwanda for putting this video together.  

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2 comments for "New Video - Family Planning & CycleBeads Impact in Rwanda "

Jolene Kass says:

This is very cool. Great to see that such a simple tool can have a huge impact.

Menoquil says:

Family Planning is really very important for the family who wants to be happy. More than 2 children is a problem for every family because of caring ,sharing. I suggest all of my friend to take 1 and maximum 2 baby.

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