Who wouldn't want to use a family planning method that does all this?

CycleBeads Myth: It keeps women from using “more effective” family planning methods.
This is a statement we occasionally hear from health providers who are concerned that a natural method like CycleBeads will be so attractive to potential users that they may decide to use it instead of a method that the provider considers “more effective”.

The Truth: First we want to point out that CycleBeads are highly effective and that the only family planning methods more effective than CycleBeads are hormonal options and some “doctor-directed” options such as IUD’s and implants. Also, it is unlikely that a woman who is set on using a hormonal option and has access to it, is going to suddenly change her mind and want to use a natural family planning option. Additionally, there is research that indicates that introducing CycleBeads in a healthcare setting can actually increase contraceptive usage overall and bring new users to family planning.

What about using condoms?

One study showed that when women were counseled on a full range of family planning options and about STD’s, they were far more likely to take condoms with them when they chose to use CycleBeads than when they chose any of the other methods offered. Other studies have shown that simply giving women a full range of options brings more women to family planning and makes the more likely to choose a method.

The most important issue is that women choose a method that is BOTH effective and that works for them in their particular life circumstances. It should be a method that they will use consistently over time. CycleBeads gives women an attractive natural option. It doesn’t stop women from using hormonal methods or other methods if those are a better fit for them.

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