Can Women Remember to Move the Ring Every Day on Their CycleBeads?

CycleBeads Myth: Women will forget to move the ring.

The Truth: Any method that relies on a daily action has the potential for someone to forget to take that action. With the new CycleBeads web and smartphone apps, this is not an issue since a user enters the date of her period and the app automatically lets her know when she is on a fertile day. But in using the CycleBeads physical tool, it is still interesting to note that in clinical trials women were generally able to remember to move the ring with no problem. Most women simply put their CycleBeads in a prominent location where they would see them each day. As a safety check, every set of CycleBeads includes a calendar where a woman can mark the first day of her period and count to double check that the ring is on the right day.

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