More than 2.5 million women have used CycleBeads and CycleBeads apps to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally.

CycleBeads Myth: No one wants to use a family planning option like this.
In general, most people who claim that “no one wants to use this method” assume that people don’t want to use a natural family planning method at all. Occasionally they may be referring to the fact that the original CycleBeads tool is a color-coded string of beads and that somehow this is “too different” from what people think of when they think of family planning. Well we have a surprise for them.

The Truth:
Studies show that 1 in 5 women are very interested in using a natural family planning method when they are given good information about these methods in the context of a full range of family planning options. And while CycleBeads may be quirky to some, this unique tool has been used by more than 2.5 million worldwide, and 75,000 women in the US alone to plan or prevent pregnancy.  Of course while the initial CycleBeads tool is still eye-catching and useful, many women are starting to use digital tools such as CycleBeads Online and the iCycleBeads smartphone apps.

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2 comments for "CycleBeads Top 10 Myths About This Natural Family Planning Method: Myth #2 - Interest"

liz says:

Just saw the new CDC report showing that almost 30% of women who have a grad school education or higher have used a calendar method to prevent pregnancy. I think that shows that women want to use birth control like CycleBeads. They just have to be informed! Thank you for doing this!

CycleBeads says:

Thanks Liz. We agree that the new CDC report is really interesting. 28.2% of women who have a graduate degree or higher are likely to use a "calendar-based" family planning method.

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