CycleBeads available to NGO's through UNFPA are packed efficiently.

CycleBeads are now available through the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to international NGO's This natural family planning tool is included in the AccessRH Catalog and can be ordered along with other health supplies in an efficient, low cost manner. The AccessRH Catalog is designed to offer a huge range of reproductive health and related products to NGO's around the world. The catalog contains everything from condoms to hormonal contraceptives and includes only those products and manufacturers that have been fully vetted for quality and price.  CycleBeads is the only fertility awareness-based family planning method that can be ordered through this procurement system. More information is available at



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Am a male Zambian aged 32years,am married and have got two children,now what I want is my wife to start using natural family planning,so I would like to know where I can buy Cylebeads,How appreciate if you tell me where I can buy one.

CycleBeads says:

Dear Mr. Mutendele,

Thank you for your interest in CycleBeads.

You and your wife may be able to obtain CycleBeads from a health clinic sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Zambia and/or the Copperbelt Provincial Health Office. CycleBeads were introduced to this area a few years ago and 43 clinics were offering them. We do not know if these clinics still have CycleBeads on hand.

If you are not able to obtain CycleBeads through a health clinic, your wife may be able to use the online version, CycleBeads Online, depending on your internet connection and form of payment. The CycleBeads smartphone apps may potentially be an option, but they are limited to areas that service iPhone and Android devices. We hope this information is helpful to you and your wife.

Best wishes from the CycleBeads Team

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