Women Planning Pregnancies Get Pregnant Quickly with CycleBeads.

A recent survey of women who had purchased CycleBeads with the intention of planning a pregnancy, indicated interesting results:

-  80% of women using CycleBeads to achieve pregnancy, were pregnant within 6 months and most of these women were pregnant within the first 3 months.

-  Of the women who successfully achieved pregnancy, more than 40% achieved pregnancy in the first month of trying and 75% had achieved pregnancy within 3 months.

-  90% of respondents used CycleBeads as their only conception aid. They did not invest in thermometers or expensive ovulation kits.

These results are especially important in light of the fact that most health providers tell women that they should try for a full year before seeking fertility treatment.

“If a woman is using CycleBeads and she is having intercourse regularly during her fertile days, she should consult with her doctor if she is not pregnant within 6 months” says Leslie Heyer, President of Cycle Technologies. “There is no reason to wait as she may be losing valuable time.”

While CycleBeads was originally designed to help women prevent pregnancy, 25% of women use CycleBeads to help them plan a pregnancy. As a fertility awareness-based family planning tool, CycleBeads helps women to track their cycles and accurately identify their fertile days.  It is designed for women with cycles between 26-32 days long and identifies the fertile days as days 8-19. The medical recommendation for using CycleBeads to achieve a pregnancy is to have intercourse at least every other day during the fertile days.

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