Couples Use CycleBeads to Plan Pregnancy

We have found through surveys and feedback from users of CycleBeads that approximately a quarter are using CycleBeads to try to conceive.  So how long does it take to become pregnant when using CycleBeads?  We would like to hear from women who have used or are using CycleBeads to determine their fertile time to achieve pregnancy.

Please take our quick, anonymous survey to share your experience!  

If you have used or are using CycleBeads to get pregnant, we would like to know more . . . 

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2 comments for "How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant Using CycleBeads?"

octavia Lee says:

took bout 2 months before i was preggers....very fast action....

Genna says:

I have gotten pregnant four times and planned all four pregnancies with CycleBeads. It took me only 1-2 months to get pregnant each time. Sadly two of the pregnancies ended in miscarriages, but my daughter is now 2 years old and she has a baby brother on the way!

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