We were thrilled to see a review of the iCycleBeads Online service on the Monster Mummies blog by a woman named Michelle. As Michelle says, she and her husband are planning to get pregnant soon and so she has transitioned off of hormonal contraception to make sure her cycles are regular. They are using iCycleBeads Online to initially prevent pregnancy, but plan to start using it to get pregnant in the near future. Her favorite things about iCycleBeads Online?

  • "it is actually really simple to understand when you see it."
  • "I could log on anywhere (even at work!) to see where I was with my cycle."
  • "emails let me know when there is a change in my cycle, very helpful for busy and forgetful people!"
  • "it takes the worry and stress of remembering to record everything and gives you one place to record it all online."

Thanks Michelle! We appreciate your feedback.

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Martha T says:

I've used the online app too and really liked it. It is simple and intuitive which is good for a luddite like me. I think all women should consider using this even if they do it just to track their cycles.

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