CycleBeads an Innovative Natural Birth Control Tool is Now Available at Maternova

CycleBeads®, a natural birth control tool, is now available through Maternova, a one-stop shop for products that help save the lives of mothers and newborns. CycleBeads enables a woman to plan or prevent pregnancy by tracking her cycles and identifying her potentially fertile days. It is based on the Standard Days Method®, a highly effective natural family planning method.

Says Maternova Vice President, Allyson Cote, “As the first global Maternal Health marketplace and cutting-edge online community, Maternova is delighted to include CycleBeads in our robust portfolio of leading innovations. Maternova is dedicated to improving the lives of mothers and newborns, along with improving patient outcomes in low-resource settings. CycleBeads is a true innovation that provides a highly effective method of natural family planning.”

Family planning helps couples make thoughtful decisions about when to have children and plan how many children they would like to have. Numerous reports including one released last month by the UNFPA and the Guttmacher Institute note that current contraceptive use prevents millions of unintended pregnancies, miscarriages and over 100,000 maternal deaths annually. Furthermore, providing safe access to modern family planning methods to all women in developing countries who currently have an unmet need would prevent an additional 54 million unintended pregnancies, 79,000 maternal deaths, and 1.1 million infant deaths.

CycleBeads is attractive to many women because it is non-hormonal contraception, it's non-invasive, and does not cause side effects. Women everywhere find this effective natural family planning method appealing, but in developing countries it is especially attractive as a natural birth control option that does not require replenishment, is low cost, easy to teach, and easy to use.

CycleBeads can be used in a variety of settings, from faith-based programs to community health clinics that want to offer a full range of effective family planning options, including a natural family planning method.

For details on purchasing CycleBeads for medical missions and a list of the all of the innovative products that Maternova carries, click here. Visit for more information about this natural family planning method and other related products based on the Standard Days Method of family planning that we carry. 


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