CycleBeads: Modern Family Planning
A recent report from our colleagues at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, explores the characteristics of a "modern family planning method" and how CycleBeads®  and the Standard Days Method® of family planning on which it is based, meet the criteria. To be called a "modern family planning method", a method must have the following characteristics: 
  1. It is based on sound understanding of reproductive biology,
  2. It follows a precise protocol for correct use, and
  3. It has been tested in an appropriately designed study to assess efficacy under various conditions.

CycleBeads and the Standard Days Method meet all of these criteria having been developed through extensive analysis of reproductive physiology, requiring a specific protocol for use, and having been tested in well designed studies in a variety of conditions. Furthermore, this natural family planning method has been integrated into numerous family planning guidelines around the world, included in the World Health Organization's family planning guidance documents, and is included in most modern reference books for family planning health professionals.

For more information on how this method meets these criteria or about how it has been incorporated into national and international health guidelines, read the full report from IRH.  

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Laurel says:

I think most people think "modern" family planning just refers to hormonal methods. They don't realize that a fertility awareness method can be modern as long as it has been researched and reviewed carefully using best practices. This is interesting.

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