iCycleBeads Online and iCycleBeads Smartphone Apps Differ from Other Fertility Apps - They Can Be Used to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy by Just Tracking Your Period

It seems there are a million fertility apps out there. Want to get a daily reminder to take your birth control pill? Want to get pregnant? Want to have a girl? Want to know what your baby will look like at week 8?  Want to know if your period is likely to come this weekend?

There's an app for that.

So how are iCycleBeads™ family planning apps different from other so-called "fertility apps"?

First, let's look at the four different types of fertility apps on the market. There are fertility apps that:

  1. Remind you to take your birth control pill.
  2. Track your period and predict when you might get it again.
  3. Help you conceive.
  4. Help you prevent pregnancy and plan a pregnancy.

iCycleBeads apps fall into this last category, the family planning apps which help you to PREVENT PREGNANCY as well as PLAN A PREGNANCY. These family planning apps are actually a pretty small segment within the cluttered "fertility apps" market. Looking at this "prevent and plan pregnancy" segment more closely there are a few different apps available:

iCycleBeads Apps - iCycleBeads Online and iCycleBeads smartphone apps are based on the Standard Days Method® of family planning, the only researched and proven natural family planning method based solely on tracking a woman's period. To use the iCycleBeads apps, a woman simply enters the date that she starts her period and the app identifies which days of her cycles are potentially fertile days (Days 8-19) and ensures that her cycles are in the 26-32 day range, the range for most effective use of this family planning method. A user does not need to track other fertility symptoms such as temperature, secretions or other observations.  And if a user knows that her cycles are in the 26-32 day range, she can begin using iCycleBeads apps immediately to prevent or plan pregnancy. 

 Natural Family Planning Web App to Plan or Prevent Pregnancy without Hormones - iCycleBeads Online

iCycleBeads apps will proactively send a user alerts or emails letting her know when her fertility status changes, when she is about to get her next period, and reminding a user to enter her next period date. She can also check the app at any time to see what day of her cycle she is on and whether that day is a day when pregnancy is likely or not. 

Symptoms-Based Apps: A number of apps exist based on symptoms-based family planning methods such as the Sympto-thermal method or Billings Method. To use these apps to prevent or plan a pregnancy a woman tracks and enters information on her secretions and temperatures daily.  She typically must track this information for a few months before relying on it for pregnancy prevention. Examples of these types of apps in the iTunes store include - NFP Manager, Kindara, NFP Charting, Fertility & Ovulation, Fertility Friend, etc.

Rules-Based Apps: Other apps exist which are based on rudimentary calculations related to a woman's period dates and average cycle lengths. These apps are based on calculations that have not been studied for pregnancy prevention and usually make disclaimers about being for "entertainment purposes only". We don't even want to name these apps here as they aren't effective and really shouldn't be used to prevent pregnancy.

While many people think of the "fertility apps" market as cluttered, the truth is that there are only a few apps which actually help a woman to prevent pregnancy as well as plan a pregnancy. Furthermore, iCycleBeads apps differ from the other apps in this category in that they are the only scientifically proven apps which rely ONLY on a woman entering information about her period start dates, and do not require that she track and enter daily fertility information about secretions and/or temperatures.

iCycleBeads apps are  EFFECTIVE, EASY TO USE, and can be used for BOTH PREGNANCY PLANNING AND PREGNANCY PREVENTION. They are also the only apps based on the patented Standard Days Method of family planning. 

iCycleBeads Online is available on the CycleBeads.com website.  iCycleBeads smartphone apps are available for both Apple and Android devices and available in iTunes and the Android Marketplace. 

See the iCycleBeads family planning app in iTunes.

See the iCycleBeads family planning app in Android Market.

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Missy10 says:

I love the icyclebeads apps. Have been using it on my phone but am about to trade in my Android and am thinking about switching to the web app.

Cycle Technologies says:

So glad you like the iCycleBeads app. We would be happy to set you up for a free trial of iCycleBeads Online. Unfortunately we don't have an easy way to migrate all of your information over from your phone, but you can manually put in historical cycle information if you would like so that you have all that information in one place. The nice thing about iCycleBeads Online compared to the smartphone apps is that you can use it from any internet connection with any device so when you decide to change phones, computers, or tablets, your information is still readily available.

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