iCycleBeads Online Shows Your Cycle on a Color-Coded Visual

We are thrilled to be launching iCycleBeads™ Online and our redesigned website! iCycleBeads Online is the only web app in the world based on the Standard Days Method® of family planning. A user receives a private internet account where she can easily track the days of her cycles, know if she is on a day when pregnancy is possible or not, determine that her cycles are in range and continue to be in range for using this natural family planning method effectively, and maintain her cycle history. To use iCycleBeads Online a woman tracks the date her period starts each month; she is not required to track other in-depth fertility symptoms for use.

Once a woman enters the start date of her most recent period into her private online account, iCycleBeads Online will:

  • Calculate where she is in her cycle and whether or not pregnancy is possible that day.
  • Show her fertility status for each day of her cycle on both a calendar and a virtual representation of her cycle.
  • Send emails letting a woman know when she is on a fertile or non-fertile day, when she is about to get her next period, and to remind her to enter her cycle data.
  • Notify a user if she has a cycle that is outside the 26-32 day range required for using this family planning method.

iCycleBeads Online makes make natural family planning easy to use, accessible and fun! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on this new service. Email us at info@cyclebeads.com

And a special thanks to our friends at Three of Change who made our new website look fabulous and built the engine behind the new iCycleBeads Online service!

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