Exciting research is being conducted by the Institute for Reproductive Health on offering the Standard Days Method™ of family planning through mobile phones. As an information-based, natural family planning method, the Standard Days Method is ideally suited for offering in this manner. The research and some of the lessons to date are described in an article on MobileActive.org called, "Family Planning through Mobile Phones: No Doctors Necessary".

Currently most women using the Standard Days Method, use the method in conjunction with CycleBeads®, a color-coded visual tool that helps a woman track the key information required to use the method correctly: 1) that her cycles are between 26 and 32 days long, and 2) that she should consider herself fertile between days 8 and 19 of her cycle.

CycleTel™ is the mobile phone-based version of this existing fertility awareness product. It requires that a woman text the service on the first day of her period. From there she will receive messages informing her of when she is in her fertile window, when she is on a “safe day”, and when she should expect to get her next period.

While there are many challenges to offering a family planning method through text messages, it has the potential to make this natural family planning option available to even more women around the world.

On that note, stay tuned for a new iPhone app based on the Standard Days Method – the only app based on this patented family planning method. Coming soon!

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