July 27, 2011 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Cycle Technologies launched iCycleBeads™ on the Android platform. iCycleBeads is the first application that enables a woman to plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively, entirely through information provided by her phone.  iCycleBeads is the only app based on the Standard Days Method®, a modern natural family planning method that:

  • Was developed through extensive analysis of reproductive physiology data, tested in large-scale clinical trials, and proven more than 95% effective at preventing pregnancy by researchers at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University.
  • Is the fastest growing natural family planning option available having been used by +2.5 million women worldwide in more than 50 countries using the visual tool CycleBeads®.

“iCycleBeads is different from other ‘fertility apps’ in that it is based on a family planning method that has been scientifically proven to be both highly effective and easy to use,” said Ms. Heyer. “It also allows a woman to plan and prevent pregnancy easily and effectively without in-depth tracking of complicated or subjective data; nor does it require additional tools to help a woman use this family planning method successfully.”

To use the iCycleBeads app, a woman enters the start date of her most recent period.  At the touch of a button, the app shows her where she is in her cycle and whether she is on a day when pregnancy is likely or not.  The information is provided on a calendar or a virtual representation of CycleBeads, the popular family planning tool that consists of a color-coded string of beads and has been used by millions of women worldwide.

“We want this valuable family planning option to be accessible to as many people as possible. With an estimated 100 million Android users, iCycleBeads can help women all over the world plan or prevent pregnancy with their phones,” said Leslie Heyer, President of Cycle Technologies. “We successfully launched an iPhone version a few months ago, and have had overwhelming interest in it. Our goal is to make this scientifically based natural birth control option available to women everywhere.”

The family planning method on which iCycleBeads is based is designed for women who have cycles between 26 and 32 days long, which is the majority of women. It helps a woman track her cycle and clearly identify her fertile window as days eight through 19 of her cycle.  These 12 days take into account the life span of a woman’s egg (about 24 hours) and the viable life of sperm (about five days) as well as the variation in the actual timing of ovulation from one cycle to the next.

The iCycleBeads Android app is protected by patent. It is now available in the Android Market. iCycleBeads is also available in the iTunes store.


More information available at:  www.CycleBeads.com, www.CycleTechologies.com, and www.irh.org

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